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Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program

Freedom to Choose / Freedom to Create / Freedom to Travel

Check out what our Alumni have been up to!

Alumni Testimonies 

Diane Eykholt, Program Manager at Microsoft, Class of 2015

Concentrations: Software Engineering & Psychology

"The interdisciplinary blend of Software Engineering and Psychology carried forward into my current role as a Program Manager, where I work with UX research, design, and business to create a vision for my projects, and work with engineering to execute. Being able to represent both the liberal arts and engineering aspects has allowed me to successfully and efficiently communicate with a wide range of partners and build realistic solutions that meet the corresponding range of needs."

Abby Cybula, J.D. Candidate at Gonzaga University, Class of 2018 

Concentrations: Biomedical Engineering and Technical Communication

"LAES has been incredibly influential in shaping my career path. The multi-disciplinary background has shaped not only my expertise and knowledge, but my thinking and outlook towards solving problems. Going into Patent law, this has proven to be an invaluable trait that has provided me with the tools for success in my field."

Granger Lang, Software Engineer at Google (AR/VR), Class of 2017

Concentrations: Computer Science and Psychology

"It was always my dream to work in the VR/AR space. The LAES program gave me the opportunity to take the classes that I felt was most relevant to the industry, and allowed me to work on what I was most passionate about. There is no doubt that the VR/AR projects I built during my time in the program helped pave the way to where I am now. I couldn't be happier about how things turned out."

Emily Dunlap, Operation Management Development Program at E&J Gallo Winery, Class of 2018 

Concentrations: Industrial Engineering and Technical Communications 

"On a daily basis I'm using both of my concentrations: writing standard work practices, creating visual data that is placed on a Gemba board I developed, completing A3s and 5S-ing an area, and connecting with my team. What I learned during my 4 years as an LAES student is so valuable to my work; I am proud of my work and it's all because of the education I received in the LAES program." 

Stephanie Friend, Senior Software Engineer at Reddit, Class of 2015

Concentrations: Usability Studies and Interactive Communication

"LAES has given me the interdisciplinary skills I needed to hit the ground running as an engineer. My experience leading real world projects like the Maker Faire gave me the independence and project management skills needed to excel, and my knowledge of both design and computer science allow me to make better software decisions and collaborate more effectively day to day." 

David Quiray, Motion designer, VFX artist and Developer at Framestore LA, Class of 2016

Concentrations: Computer Science and Media Arts/Technology

"The greatest strength of LAES for me was being able to create my own challenges and goals which I knew would lead me develop my skills for the field I wished to one day be a part of." 

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