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Advising Guidance

The Program Directors are also faculty advisors who can provide a wealth of curriculum-related guidance to students, such as developing academic plans within an area of specialization, career advice, internship opportunities, study abroad choices, or global perspectives course selection. Additional advising help is also available from the following:

The LAES Program Coordinator may be consulted about how to successfully navigate campus and LAES-specific policies and procedures, appointment scheduling, processing of student forms and expense reimbursements, and other general LAES Program matters.

Student Responsibilities

  • Understand campus policies and procedures, the seriousness of academic probation, unit load requirements, and GPA expectations. Students may double major if all requirements of both curricula are satisfied simultaneously. Those who wish to complete a minor should contact the department providing the minor as early as possible to receive approval. All academic requirements are detailed in the Cal Poly Catalog. Make sure to reference previous Catalogs if necessary.
  • Understand LAES curriculum requirements, including credit/no credit and general education courses; and campus requirements, such as USCP, GWR, residency, and upper-division units.
  • Review your Catalog-specific Curriculum Sheet, Degree Flowchart, study abroad options, and global perspectives courses. Students must complete all graduation requirements within four years, maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0, and make sufficient progress in the major.
  • View your Degree Progress Report (DPR) each quarter. The DPR lists courses taken that apply towards degree completion as well as the courses still needed.  Utilize the PolyPlanner course planning tool, which interfaces with your DPR to help map the courses you need to graduate.
  • Schedule an appointment with a CLA College Advisor or LAES Program Director at least once a year (more frequently if your goals change or if you have time-sensitive questions).

Advising Appointments

The Program Directors are available to answer brief questions via e-mail or phone at any time; however, more detailed discussions involving past performance, career goals, and future planning may require a face-to-face meeting.  To schedule your individual meeting with a Program Director, e-mail David Gillette at or contact a CLA Advisor to discuss your time to degree academic requirements and Degree Progress Report (DPR) information.

Appointment Preparation

Bring the following information to your advising meeting--doing this will allow for greater success in answering all your questions within the allotted timeframe:

NOTE: Under the new University rotation system, registration appointments are based on the % of degree units completed, so students who are closest to graduation register earlier. It is therefore imperative that you file your LAES Concentration Form as soon as possible and revise as necessary.

If you must change your graduation term, a Change of Degree Completion Term Request must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Bring the form to the CLA Advising Office to obtain the required approval signature.

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LAES 301 Class

Engineering and Art unite in LAES 301 project-based introductory course.

The class is open to all second year and above Cal Poly majors and provides innovative hands-on work, in a team setting, for real-life projects.

Contact us for a permission number.

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The LAES Club exists to bring together students interested in creative technologies, to collaborate on interdisciplinary projects and learn about and network with members of the industry.

Stay tuned for their Fall 2016 meeting schedule.

About the Club

About LAES

The B.A. degree program in Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies (LAES) is jointly offered by the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Engineering.

The program prepares students for a wide range of innovative careers in emerging professional fields that combine skills and interests in the arts, technology, and culture.

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