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CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies graduates! They are doing some fantastic things combining their engineering and creative interests.

LAES 2016 Alumni

2016 LAES Spring Graduates

Pictured at the Spring 2016 ceremony from top left: David Gillette and Michael Haungs, LAES Co-Directors, Richard Rattner, Michael Twardochleb, Rigoberto Guzman, Kyvon Brown, Kevin Hongtongsak, Robert Myers, David Quiray. Pictured from bottom left: Jane Lehr, LAES Senior Project Co-Advisor, Kat Soriano, Jocelyn DeLeon, Joel Cortes, Lauren Baar, Tyler Huff, and Kevin Gong.


LAES 2015 Alumni

2015 LAES Fall Graduates

Pictured at the Fall 2015 ceremony from left is Tiffany Safronoff, Neha Jagannath, Vanessa Carranza, Jason Lu, and Max Harper.


2015 LAES Spring Graduates

Pictured at the Spring 2015 ceremony from left is Co-Director, David Gillette, Jessica Uibel, Emily O'Hanlon, Matt Polvi, Cecillia Tran, Change of Major and Sr. Project Advisor, Jane Lehr, Co-Director, Michael Haungs, Gabrielle Amar, Diane Eykholt, Stephanie Friend, Tyler Deitz, and Massimo Siboldi.


Jessica Uibel

  • Graduation Ceremony: 2015
  • Personal Statement: Having a wide range of interests, (traveling, learning languages, sustainability, process improvement, film production), I found it challenging to choose a traditional major. When I discovered LAES, I new it was the perfect major for me, as it allowed me to combine all of these interests with a productive, educational focus. The coursework and projects I've completed through my time in LAES have prepared me to be successful and take on any challenges presented to me after graduation!
  • Career Focus: Sustainable Industrial Engineering
  • Study/Work Abroad: I studied abroad at John Cabot University in Rome during Fall 2013 and plan to obtain my Master's degree in Sustainable Industrial Engineering from Grenoble INP in France.
  • Internships: During Summer 2014, I Interned at Bayer Healthcare in Berkeley, CA. I was part of the Operational Excellence team and worked to improve different forms of communication through the Fermentation team. For the Summer/Fall 2015, I will be interning with E. & J. Gallo Winery in San Miguel, CA in the Cellar Operations, focusing on process improvements.
  • Engineering/Liberal Arts Concentrations: System Design and Individualized Course of Study with a focus in Media Communications.
  • Senior Project on Cal Poly's Digital Commons:
  • Personal Portfolio: Linked-In (link opens in a new window)
  • Congratulations to Jessica for being selected as one of Cal Poly's Outstanding Seniors! We wish her continued success in life and career.

LAES 2014 Alumni

2014 LAES Fall Graduates

Pictured at the Fall 2014 ceremony from left is Charles Duong, Alex Horton, Jack Bowen, Co-Director David Gillette, Kamryn Fall, Co-Director Michael Haungs, and Anika Morris.


2014 LAES Spring Graduates

Pictured at the Spring 2014 celebration from left is Tyler Durkin, Andrew Webber, Ethan Lockwood, Jeffrey Cabanez, Brandon Kuhr, and Oliver Adams. Below, with LAES Director (and BBQ aficionado) Michael Haungs.
Spring 2014 LAES graduates

Tyler Durkin

  • Graduation Ceremony: 2014
  • Personal Statement: I came to Cal Poly as a mechanical engineering major, but was soon attracted to LAES for its interdisciplinary approach to higher education. LAES has allowed me to explore my creative passions while still providing me with a solid engineering foundation. The major classes and projects have given me practical, hands-on experience that I hope to take with me into the professional world. My concentrations in computer science and humanities have me looking forward to an exciting career in human-computer interaction.
  • Career Focus: Front-end software engineering, user experience design, or design research.
  • Senior Project on Cal Poly's Digital Commons:

Brandon Kuhr

  • Graduation Ceremony: 2014
  • Personal Statement: I transferred to Cal Poly specifically for the LAES major. I was a bit of a lost soul as I bounced around between majors and even school. From business to arts to engineering, I finally found a fit in LAES. Rather than make me choose just one of my many interests, LAES balanced my wide range of interests, and allowed me to explore each of them further by combining them. I did an internship in Australia to finish out my degree. I'm currently still in Australia, working for an advertising company as a production assistant. I draw from my diverse background and experiences on a daily basis. It's the diversity that has kept me employed over here and helped me excel. I'm hoping to continue working and traveling; building on my work experience as I see the world. LAES has given me this opportunity.
  • Career Focus: Digital Media Production-Film, TV, and Web Content.
  • Study/Work Abroad: Internship as a Production Assistant for Now Screen in Sydney, Australia.
  • Engineering/Liberal Arts Concentrations: Individualized Course of Study with a focus in Industrial Engineering and Media Arts & Technology
  • Senior Project on Cal Poly's Digital Commons:

LAES 2013 Alumni

2013 Fall LAES Graduates

Pictured at the Fall 2013 ceremony from left is Co-Director, Jane Lehr, Lauren Cabrales, Sammy Murray, Sven Le and Co-Director, Michael Haungs.


2013 Spring LAES Graduates

Pictured at the 2013 Spring ceremony from left is Josh Lee, Evan Nickel, Co-Director, Michael Haungs, Laura McDonald, Co-Director, David Gillette, Sofia Rodriguez-Mata, Chloe Erdie, Max Brown, Jay Wyatt, and Annamarie Fuchs.


Max Brown

  • Graduation Ceremony: 2013
  • Personal Statement:
  • Career Focus: Live Entertainment Production Management
  • Current Work: Production Resource Group-Las Vegas unit
  • Senior Project on Cal Poly's Digital Commons:

Evan Nickel

  • Graduation Ceremony: 2013
  • Personal Statement: I transferred from Industrial Engineering to LAES so I could combine my technical mind with my creative one. The classes in LAES are not your standard classes. We mostly work on group projects that are real; there are no simulations or mock situations. Because of these projects, I have a fantastic resume and portfolio pieces, things that I can show to potential employers and stories I can tell about how we solved real problems. There is no doubt in my mind that I have the skills and experience to obtain and excel at the job of my dreams.
  • Career Focus: Entertainment industry, animation and computer graphics
  • Senior Project on Cal Poly's Digital Commons:
  • Personal Websites (links open in a new window): Inspirations, Lost and Found, Flickr Page
  • Congratulations to Evan for being selected as one of Cal Poly's Great Grads for 2013! Evan entered LAES in Fall 2010 as a Sophomore, contributing his energy and positive outlook to our small but mighty team of innovative students. We wish Evan well in his pursuit of a career in animation and computer graphics!

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Stay tuned for their Fall 2016 meeting schedule.

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