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Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program
Cal Poly State University
1 Grand Avenue
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

Program Office

Office Hours: M&F: 9 am-4 pm; TTh: 9 am-12 pm & 2 pm-4 pm; W: 9 am-2 pm 
Location: College of Liberal Arts Faculty Office North, Building #47, 3rd Floor, Room 34G. (Interactive map)
Phone: (805) 756-1132

Faculty and Staff Directory

To schedule a meeting with Co-Director David Gillette or Co-Director Michael Haungs, e-mail

Name Office Phone email

David Gillette,

LAES Co-Director;

Professor, English

47-34H (805) 756-2331

Michael Haungs,

LAES Co-Director;

Professor, Computer Science

14-226 (805) 756-5531

Jessica N. Larsen,

LAES Program Coordinator

47-34G (805) 756-1132

Sabrina Canady,

CLA Advising Center

47-22B (805) 756-6200

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LAES 301 Class

Engineering and Art unite in LAES 301 project-based introductory course.

The class is open to all second year and above Cal Poly majors and provides innovative hands-on work, in a team setting, for real-life projects.

Contact us for a permission number.

Class Info (pdf)


The LAES Club exists to bring together students interested in creative technologies, to collaborate on interdisciplinary projects and learn about and network with members of the industry.

About the Club

About LAES

The B.S* degree program in Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies (LAES) is offered by Cal Poly's College of Engineering in collaboration with the College of Liberal Arts 

The program prepares students for a wide range of innovative careers in emerging professional fields that combine skills and interests in the technology, arts, and culture.

*B.S degree begins in Spring 2019 

About LAES

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