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Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program

Freedom to Choose / Freedom to Create / Freedom to Travel

Global Perspectives

Study Abroad/Global Perspectives

LAES strongly encourages students to spend three-to-six months studying and/or working abroad; however, the program does permit flexibility by allowing students to fulfill the 8 upper-division unit requirement by taking Cal Poly global perspectives courses in lieu of going abroad.  Students may select the following courses from the 2020-2021 catalog:

Upper Division Global Perspectives Courses (2020-2021 Catalog)
ANT 312 Intro to Cultural Resources Management GEOG 308 Global Geography (D5/UD-D) PHIL 320 Asian Philosophy (C4/UD-C)
ANT 325 Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica (D5/UD-D) GEOG 370 Geography of Latin America (D5/UD-D) POLS 324 International Relations Theory
ANT 330 Indigenous South Americans (D5/UD-D) GEOG 380 Geography of the Caribbean (D5/UD-D) POLS 325 Global Political Issues (D5/UD-D)
ANT 360 Human Cultural Adaptations (D5/UD-D) GEOG 414 Global & Regional Climatology POLS 333 World Food Systems (B7/UD-B)
ANT 401 Culture & Health HIST 306 Witch-Hunt in Europe, 1400-1800 (D5/UD-D) POLS 380 Religion & Politics in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
ANT 402 Nutritional Anthropology HIST 308 Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (D5/UD-D) POLS 426 International Organizations & Law
ANT 415 Native American Cultures (USCP) HIST 309 Cultures of West Africa & the African Diaspora (D5/UD-D) POLS 427 Politics of the Global Economy
ART 317 Asian Art Survey HIST 310 East Asian Culture & Civilization (D5/UD-D) POLS 429 Issues & Topics in International Relations
ART 318 Asian Art Topics: National, Religious, & Intellectual Movement HIST 314 Middle East PSY 465 Cross-Cultural International Psychology
COMS 316 Intercultural Communication (D5/UD-D,USCP) HIST 316 Modern East Asia (D5/UD-D) RELS 301 Religions of Asia (C4/UD-C)
COMS 319 Critical Cultural Studies & Communication HIST 319 Modern South & Southeast Asia (D5/UD-D) SOC 309 World System & Its Problems
ENGR 350 Global Environment (B7/UD-B) HIST 338 Modern Latin America (D5/UD-D) SOC 315 Global Race & Ethnic Relations (D5/UD-D)
ENGL 459 Significant World Writers HIST 416 Modern Japan SOC 350 Social Organization of Modern Japan
ES 300 Chicano/a Non-Fiction Literature (C4/UD-C,USCP) HIST 417 20th Century China TH 390 Global Theatre & Performance (C4/UD-C)
ES 320 African American Cultural Images (D5/UD-D,USCP) ISLA 310 Humanities in World Cultures UNIV 333 World Food Systems (B7/UD-B)
ES 321 Native American Cultural Images (D5/UD-D,USCP) ISLA 350 Global Environment (B7/UD-B) UNIV 350 Global Environment (B7/UD-B)
ES 322 Asian American Cultural Images (D5/UD-D,USCP) JOUR 401 Global Communication UNIV 391 Appropriate Technology for World's People: Development (D5/UD-D)
ES 323 Mexican American Cultural Images (D5/UD-D,USCP)

LAES 411 Global

Synthesis in Liberal Arts & Engineering Studies

UNIV 392 Appropriate Technology for World's People: Design (B7/UD-B)
ES 325 Sex & Gender in African American Communities (USCP)


WGS 320 Women in Global Perspective (D5/UD-D)

ES 326 Native American

Architecture/Place (C4/UD-C,USCP)

ES 330 Chinese American Experience (D5/UD-D,USCP)

ES 335 Filipina/o American Experience (D5/UD-D,USCP)

ES 340 Cultural Prod/Ethnicity (C4/UD-C)

WGS 351 Gender, Race, Class, Nation in Global Engineering, Technology & Intl Development (D5/UD-D)



To learn more about Cal Poly's study abroad program options, requirements, and deadlines, visit:                      

Cal Poly International Center

Building 52, Room E32

(805) 756-1477

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