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Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program

Freedom to Choose / Freedom to Create / Freedom to Travel

Senior Projects

Senior projects are an independent work, skillfully presented to showcase a student's talent and depth of subject matter and are available for viewing on the Library DigitalCommons@CalPoly repository.

2015-2016 Senior Projects

Spring 2016 Senior Project Presenters

Spring 2016 Presenters in group one are Richard Rattner, Dennis Gelman, Kyvon Brown, Jocelyn DeLeon, Kevin Hongtongsak, David Quiray, and Jacob Johannesen.

Spring 2016 Senior Project Presenters

Spring 2016 Presenters in group two are Rigoberto Guzman, Robert Myers, Tyler Huff, Katarina Soriano, and Kevin Gong.

Fall 2015 Senior Project Presenters

Fall 2015 Presenters are Neha Jagannath, Max Harper, Tiffany Safronoff, and Vanessa Carranza. View Fall 2015 photos in the CLA Flickr Album.

Topics from the 2015-2016 academic year include:

  • Accurately Pinpointing 3D Sound in Virtual Environments
  • Adapting Lean Six Sigma for a Non-Profit Organization
  • Attachable Protective Skate Shoe Toecap
  • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Stamina Combat Overhaul
  • Let Me LAE-Something on You or How I Found My Way Back to Education Through LAES
  • Mindful Mustangs: A Mindful Meditation App for Cal Poly SLO
  • Visual Code: Breaking the Binary

2014-2015 Senior Projects

Spring 2015 Senior Project Presenters

Spring 2015 Presenters are Jason Lu, Emily O'Hanlon, Diane Eykholt, Gabrielle Amar, Tyler Deitz, Memphis Wong, Matt Polvi, and Cecillia Tran. View Spring 2015 photos in the CLA Flickr Album.

Winter 2015 Senior Project Presenters

Winter 2015 Presenters are Jessica Uibel, Stephanie Friend, and Alexandra Kline. View Winter 2015 photos in the CLA Flickr Album.

Fall 2014 Senior Project Presenters

Fall 2014 Presenters are Charles Duong, Alex Horton, Jack Bowen, Anika Morris and Kamryn Fall. View Fall 2014 photos in the CLA Flickr Album.

Topics from the 2014-2015 academic year include:

  • Aquaponics Art
  • Binoculars: Management Strategies in Film
  • China's Rare Earths in Emerging Green Technologies: An Economic, Environmental, and Social Rationale for Policy
  • Compositing Brought to Life
  • Discovering Factors Affecting Student Retention in Computer Science at Cal Poly
  • Fresh Bytes: Connected Hydroponics for Small-Scale Growing
  • Global Competency for Engineers
  • Hop Farm Business Plan and Economic Study
  • MDA User Guide: Creating Multi-Dimensional Audio Assets
  • Project Llama: Making A Cappella Arranging Easier
  • Re-Evaluating VFX Workflows: Animating Vehicle Dynamics
  • Sustainability in the Craft Brewing Industry: An Analysis of
    Tertiary Wastewater Treatments
  • TrackPacer
  • Understanding the Relationships of User-selected Music in Video Games
  • Visualizing Population Density Based on Wifi Router Location and Network Usage
  • Visualizing Relationships Between Related Variables: Improving
    Physics Education Through D3.js Network Visualizations

2013-2014 Senior Projects

Spring 2014 Senior Project Presenters

Spring 2014 Presenters are Kevin Lufkin, Oliver Adams, Ethan Lockwood, Sven Le, Jeffrey Cabanez, Brandon Kuhr, and Massimo Siboldi. Fall 2013 Presenters (not pictured) are Lauren Cabrales, Tyler Durkin, and Samantha Murray. View Spring 2014 photos in the CLA Flickr Album.

View article from the College of Liberal Arts news "The Link": Senior projects showcase the versatility of the LAES Program.

Topics from the 2013-2014 academic year include:

  • Designing a Goal Journaling Application
  • Exploring Human-Computer Interaction Through Bluetooth Low Energy Enabled Human Interface Devices
  • From Banging to Baking: A Documentary on Malachi Chavez and Restorative Partners
  • Fully Accessible Raised Garden Beds
  • LAES Pocketbook for Filmmaker Enthusiasts
  • Node JS Performance Testing
  • Presenting the Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program
  • Student Stress at Cal Poly
  • Using Stories to Encourage Hope and Connection in Sexual Assault Survivors

2009-2013 Senior Projects

View previous senior projects here:

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