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Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program

Freedom to Choose / Freedom to Create / Freedom to Travel

College Based Fee (CBF) Reimbursements

The College Based Fee (CBF) is a mandatory academic fee, approved by a vote of the students, to help support and enhance instructional programs. LAES students pay their CBF each quarter as part of their class registration.

In 2015, the LAES CBF Committee surveyed students to determine how these fees should be spent. Based on the survey results,  54% of those surveyed preferred not to change CBF reimbursements. Students also established the following spending priorities:

  • Invited Speakers/Project Partners
  • Class Projects
  • Organized Workshops/Visits to Industry
  • Senior Projects
  • Study Abroad Travel Aid (special requirements apply)

In order to best meet these priorities and stay within our available funding, we have established the following policy:

A $1,500 maximum per student, per academic year is available to students for expense reimbursements, as long as funds are available.  This means that each student may request up to $1,500 during the current academic year as reimbursement for expenses relating to any of the above-mentioned spending priorities.

Reimbursement Process

To request expense reimbursement, submit the following form, then bring all your original itemized receipts to the Program Office (be sure to make a copy for yourself) within 10 days of payment or trip return. If you have questions and/or need assistance with completing this form, please contact

Each student is responsible for paying all their expenses, including fees, airfare, and lodging up front - no advances will be granted.  Multiple student requests (such as one for study abroad travel, one for senior project, etc.) will be accepted as long as the total of all submissions does not exceed $1,500 per academic year.

Important: All submissions are subject to approval and must adhere to University guidelines. Ownership of all reimbursed property will be transferred to the Cal Poly Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program.

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