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Why Study Abroad?

In order for the United States to remain a leader in science and technology, an educated workforce is needed capable of working in an international research environment and in a global market. By participating in study abroad, students can acquire the international experience they need to compete in the job market, while gaining valuable cross-cultural skills. In addition, such international experience promotes flexibility, autonomy, leadership skills, innovation, maturity, ambition, and independence; qualities which are often in high demand by employers.

LAES & Study Abroad 

Check how Liberal Arts and Engineering Students had to say about Studying Abroad!

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Melina Van Oers 

Studying abroad provided me with an opportunity to grow both academically and as a person. Being at college is like being in a bubble- going abroad let’s you get out of that bubble as you are taught through a completely different perspective. I took a Nordic crime fiction class that counted as a GE. There’s nothing like that at Cal poly. Classes also extended their learning into the city. For example, my contemporary art class toured different art across the city. The education was focused on giving you a chance to learn about the culture and the history of the city which for me was a new take on learn by doing. I’ve never gone to the mission for example for any classes at poly. 

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Robyn Pan 

Studying abroad was always a dream of mine to experience in college and through the LAES program, I was able to fulfill it! I learned a lot while abroad in Shanghai, China, about culture, my future, and about myself. Being a part of the LAES program opened many opportunities for me while abroad. My teachers were interested in hearing about my major and I was able to network and work for a local Chinese company because they were interested in what I had to offer as a LAES student. The people that I met and the memories I made were all unforgettable!

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Edward Yi

Studying abroad enhanced my Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies education simply because of exposure. The cultural exposure you receive while studying abroad broadens your perspective as you learn more about the various cultures and views. This has helped me understand where individuals from different cultures are rooted from and offers a fresh perspective, while simultaneously improving my global communication skills.

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Amanda Santana 

I am so grateful for my abroad experience! I improved my skills on establishing rapport with people despite cultural and linguistic barriers. Simply traveling to a new environment is one thing but living and adapting in one is a very enriching and challenging experience. I continuously forecasted open-minded solutions involving conflicting viewpoints, a skill very critical to interdisciplinary study. I am more confident in my ability to integrate ideas on a wide spectrum with more creativity and clarity, and apply it to my liberal arts and engineering education as well as my future career.                                                                                                                                              

To learn more about Cal Poly's study abroad program options, requirements, and deadlines, visit:                      

Cal Poly International Center

Building 52, Room E32

(805) 756-1477

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The B.S* degree program in Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies (LAES) is offered by Cal Poly's College of Engineering in collaboration with the College of Liberal Arts 

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*B.S degree begins in Spring 2019 

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