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Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program

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LAES Equipment Request Form

LAES Lab Managers oversee all equipment and activities in the lab. Some equipment (camcorders, cameras, recorders, microphones, etc.) can be checked-out for short periods to help students, faculty, and staff with class projects and activities. (Please provide a minimum of two-days notice for coordination.) Providing all the information requested on this form will assist in getting the equipment to you when you need it.

You will be required to submit an Off-Campus Authorization Form accepting responsibility for the equipment; if you need assistance completing this form, feel free to contact us.

Contact Information
Equipment Information
Note: Check-out date defaults to 2 days from today, which is the minimum notice reqired for coordination. Please adjust this date to when you wish to pick up the equipment.
Note: Return date defaults to 3 days from your pick-up date. Please adjust to the date you will return the equipment, keeping in mind that others may be waiting for it's return.
Note: If you select "Other," tell us what the activity is in the Special Request/Comments box below.
Note: If you select "Other," provide the name of an approved signer in the Special Request/Comments box below.
GoPro Camera
Pico Projector
Nikon Digital Camera
Roland Handheld Recorder
Note: Mark all that apply. If you select "Other," tell us what you need in the Special Request/Comments box below.
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