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Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program

Freedom to Choose / Freedom to Create / Freedom to Travel

LAES Lab & Expressive Technology Workshop

The LAES Lab and Expressive Technology Workshop is available to all LAES students and is used as a collaboration space to work on interdisciplinary projects with other departments and programs on campus. Improvements are on-going and equipment is updated as our needs predict; our primary goal is to make this space a great place for designing, creating, testing, and updating expressive technology work that combines aspects of theater, cinema, music, dance, electronic design, computer science, and innovative sustainable technologies.

The space is shared whenever possible in accordance with our mission as an interdisciplinary program. Students from the Colleges of Architecture, Liberal Arts, and Engineering have used our space for a variety of projects.

Equipment and Space Requests

The LAES Lab Managers oversee all equipment and activities in the lab.  While the Lab Managers are able to assist with most projects, some have particular specialties. Please submit the appropriate equipment or activity request as described below.


Some equipment (camcorders, cameras, recorders, microphones, etc.) can be checked-out for short periods to help with class or senior projects. (All students are required to submit an Off-Campus Authorization Form accepting responsibility for the equipment.) Fill out the LAES Equipment Request Form and a Lab Manager will contact you to coordinate check-out.

Please provide a minimum of two-days notice (more during quarter breaks).


Lab activities are also managed by the LAES Lab Managers. When you need lab access (other than to check-out equipment), send a request to, indicating your specific need (please provide as much advance notice as possible).

Lab Location

The LAES Lab is located in the Building 181, Room 104View the map.

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